Bring Welly home by staying active.
Welly app—an awesome way to a better and healthier you.
A new game.
Win your health with Welly.
Stay fit and bring Welly to the next level.
Each step you take gets Welly closer to home.
Welly app—Fitbit is now even more fun to use.

Travel the World with Welly

Bring Welly Home

Little alien creature named Welly was accidentally left on planet Earth by his parents. His home is far away. He needs your activity to get there and meet his loved ones once again.

Welly travels with you

Each step you take brings Welly closer to home. Just sync your tracking device with WellyApp and stay active. Progress through different locations around the world and beyond.

Activity tracking

Track you progress and explore levels with WellyApp in a fun and simple way. Use WellyApp to observe your progress with Fitbit activity monitor. Many more devices coming soon!

Welly is the best. Try it yourself.

Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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